Environmental Law & Environmental Governance Laboratory

Head: Professor Efpraxia (Aithra) Maria;
Telephone: +30 28210 37753
Fax: +30 28210 37846
e-mail: efmaria<at>chenveng.tuc.gr


Genetic Resources in Environmental Law: Concept, Regulatory Framework and Governance


Legal and interdisciplinary research on:

  • Biodiversity/Agro-biodiversity legal issues 
    • Forest protection,
    • Landscape protection 
    • Genetic resources
    • Plant genetic resources/forest genetic resources
    • In situ conservation/Protected Areas
    • Ex situ conservation
    • Gene Banks & Seed Banks
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Urban Gardens, Historical Gardens
  • Forest policy and climate change legal issues
  • Environmental and landscape governance
  • Energy Law legal issues
    • Renewable Energy Sources
    • Energy saving in buildings
    • Smart metering
  • Monitoring and observation Earth technologies and environmental compliance legal issues


The lab offers three undergraduate courses

  • Environmental and Technical Legislation (SSCI 304, Required, School of Environmental Engineering-also taught to School of Architecture)
  • Introduction to the legal system and to the technical legislation (SSCI 204, School of Architecture, School of Production Engineering, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Mineral Resources Engineering
  • Planning and Urban Law (School of Architecture)

and two postgraduate courses

  • Environmental Law and Sustainable Development (AB 305, Elective Course, School of Environmental Engineering)
  • Special issues of Environmental Law, Environmental Policy & Environmental Governance (Elective Course, School of Environmental Engineering, for PhD students)